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Shades studio helped us re-do our humble abode few months back. And boy, a typical marwar house turned into a contemporary brilliance. Wow, majestic, surely some great designers work and so on were the typical reactions of guests.

On the job, what we liked was Shweta the designer would be nimble and think on the fly, applied ideas from various experiences and made us visualize the output superbly well. At times she would insist on some color combos and or not let us deviate from the core thought. We sometimes felt "not in charge" types and then eventually gave up, knowing it's best to leave it to professional.
Shopping for materials, designs and accessories were made reasonably comfortable with her contacts delivering options right at our site.
Best part for a not too lavish budget, shweta advised a lot of value for money options and still didn't deviate from core idea.

- Mr. Vishal Surana

you can contact us 

Mumbai, Maharashtra . India.

  Mob: +91 8169655280

**Kindly visit only by prior appointments

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