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NAMASTE or NAH-muh-stay

Namaste is an Indian gesture of greeting one another. In general, the word tends to be defined as some derivation of, "The divine in me bows to the divine in you." This spiritual connection comes from its Indian roots.

It is not a superficial gesture or a mere word, it is a way of showing respect and that you are equal to one another. It is used with all people one meets, from young and old to friends and strangers. When Hindus meet people they know or strangers with whom they want to initiate a conversation, "namaste" is the customary courtesy greeting. It is often used as a salutation to end an encounter as well.

Though it has its origins in India, Namaste is now known and used throughout the world. Because of its global usage, Namaste has many interpretations. Religious and secular culture come together in the increasing use of namaste (pronounced \NAH-muh-stay) in English: the term is associated with both Hinduism and yoga.

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